As the Wind Blows…Birthzang’s Amazing Baby Fart Expulsion Technique!

Help your baby fart? REALLY?

I have been repeatedly asked about how to help a baby with trapped wind of the bottom variety – yes how to help a baby fart!

We seem to all pass on methods for helping a baby burp but there seems to be this mental block about trapped gas at the other end of the baby.

Babyzang #1 suffered terribly with bottom wind and despite trying some over-the-counter medicines it took a great deal of experimentation before we realised how best to help him get that wind out.

Over the years I have incorporated these exercises into my mum & baby yoga classes and developed a comprehensive set designed specifically to help your baby fart in a gentle yet effective way.

How do I know it is bottom wind?

It is really tricky to understand what a baby’s crying means but looking at their body movements can sometimes give you a hint. If your baby pulls their legs to their chest when crying that indicates they need burping. However, if they stretch and straighten their legs  and arch their back when crying, it can indicate they need to fart.

Before you start helping your baby fart

Remember babies are quite delicate creatures so whenever doing any of these techniques be SLOW and GENTLE. A newborn will not be able to stretch their legs straight so NEVER FORCE YOUR BABY INTO ANY POSITION. As they get older and get used to the actions then you may find you can help them get more deeply into a pose. Think of it like a yoga class – you should never do anything that causes strain or discomfort. If in doubt, don’t do it.

Birthzang’s Baby Fart Expulsion Exercises

Each of these movements is done with the baby lying flat on their back on a soft but firm surface.

A bed is too soft, better on a carpeted floor with a few blankets or towels for cushioning.

You can do it with baby clothed or naked (best done without oil) but I would keep the nappy on!

Hold the baby’s ankles gently, and always start by stretching the legs out straight parallel to the floor with feet together, to create a bit of space in the abdomen. Don’t force this bit – newborn babies WILL NOT get their legs straight – just go with however far they will gently go.

Repeat each exercise a few times then try another one. Mix it up a bit. If it is working, you will know because the wind will start blowing!

Row, Row, Row your Boat (Toes to Nose)

  • Hold ankles.
  • Stretch legs straight parallel to floor
  • Lift feet and take toes to the baby’s nose (or nearest point)
  • Put feet back down

Jack & Jill (Toes to shoulders – either side, both one side then other)

  • Hold ankles.
  • Stretch legs straight parallel to floor
  • Lift feet and take both feet to left shoulder
  • put feet back down
  • lift both feet to right shoulder
  • put feet back down
  • Slightly part legs and lift each foot to each shoulder
  • Put feet back down

Birthzang Fart Expulsion Technique





I’m a Little Teapot (Toes to Hips)

  • Hold ankles.
  • Stretch legs straight parallel to floor
  • Lift feet so legs at right angles to body
  • Take feet to one side towards floor, then the other, basically rolling baby’s bum from side to side
  • Put feet back down
  • You can also gently hold the opposite shoulder to get a small twist – be very careful if you do this.

Birthzang Fart Expulsion Technique Birthzang Fart Expulsion Technique





Daisy, Daisy (Bicycle)

  • Hold ankles
  • Stretch legs straight parallel to floor
  • Hold the lower legs (calves), lift each foot alternately and do “bicycle” action as if they are pedalling a bike
  • You can also do “Grand Old Duke of York” style marching here, with alternate knees to chest
  • Put legs back down

We found certain exercises helped really well and some did nothing. And for Babyzang #2 it was a completely different set. The philosophy is that by opening and squishing the abdomen and the bowel, then you help the air to come out.

Once we found our set of exercises we would do them every day for about 15 minutes, whether he seemed to need them or not!

How to wind a baby … Birthzang’s Amazing Baby Burp Technique!

Birthzang’s Amazing Baby Fart Expulsion Technique – online course

This technique has proved incredibly popular over the years. Literally tens of thousands of people have tried these exercises to help their baby fart.

When you have a screaming baby though it is hard to focus on reading a blog post and difficult to translate the pictures and instructions into movements.

So I have created an online course version of this technique that includes:

  • how to read your baby’s body language
  • how to understand the digestive system (and why these exercises work)
  • 10 exercises matched to songs explained in detail through videos
  • downloadable PDF to print and have as a reference guide
  • 10 downloadable audio files of the songs that match the exercises.

The course has been a huge hit since its launch and has helped babies all over the world…just look at this map of where my students are located!

Help your Baby Fart with this online course

fart baby

Learn this baby fart expulsion technique in detail and instantly enjoy a new calm and happy baby (or your money back).

Just take me to the damn course!

If this course sounds EXACTLY what you are looking for then don’t waste any more time and head over to the course site now and enrol in your free trial.

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As the wind blows...Birthzang's Amazing Baby Fart Expulsion Technique
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As the wind blows...Birthzang's Amazing Baby Fart Expulsion Technique
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