What is Active Birth?

Active Birth offers practical and emotional strategies for labour and birth using an active, rather than passive, approach, as well as an in-depth understanding about the birth process. Using the key principles – upright positions, free to move and using intuition – can drastically improve the experience of labour and help mums and dads achieve a positive birth experience.

Birthzang has crafted a unique and simple 3-step plan to achieve an awesome birth, based on the Janet Balaskas Active Birth Workshop ©. Sign up to to get the complete 3-step knowledge of how to achieve an awesome birth.

I also teach Active Birth principles as part of my Pregnancy Yoga classes.

“The central principle of an active birth, is for the woman to be free to move spontaneously and be led by her body, adopting upright positions during labour and birth.

This practice is universal and cross cultural and makes birth easier, safer, more efficient and less painful.”

– Janet Balaskas, founder of the Active Birth Movement

Learn 3 steps to an awesome birth

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