“We had a workshop at Eleanor’s excellent private workshop venue in East Reading.

It was great to learn how to encourage the baby to get into a good position for labour, and which positions can help the baby move during labour and birth and we enjoyed practising the different positions together to find what we did and didn’t like.

The other coping strategies were interesting and informative and helped us remember the things we had found helpful/unhelpful during my first labour and birth.

What really stuck in our minds was the section on the importance of delayed cord clamping and the natural delivery of the placenta. As second-time parents it was information we had not come across before and really added to our preparation this time round.

Eleanor also followed up with additional info and links to things we had discussed in the workshop but not had time to cover in detail, and the handouts were really useful.

We have come away feeling really excited about our forthcoming labour and birth after this fantastic workshop!”

Bex & Ben, December 2013