We were feeling a mixture of excitement about the prospect of meeting our new baby as well as anxiety about how the birth might go, having previously experienced a difficult birth with our first son.

I really warmed to Eleanor’s informal, irreverent, and down to earth approach to talking about birth. The fact that we had a private session meant we could talk openly about our experiences and feelings.

We found the workshop really useful in helping us to prepare for the upcoming birth of our son. Eleanor was great at tailoring the workshop to our needs, and put us at ease with her warm and irreverent approach. She covered a lot in the time, and we left feeling more informed and prepared, and most importantly positive, about the birth experience to come.

In particular, we really took away the importance of being upright as much as possible during labour, the anatomy of how the baby rotates through the birth canal (the physical props of the doll and pelvis were great for allowing us to visualise this), and the practical tips for birth such as different positions we could try, breathing etc. The course workbook as also really useful.

We definitely feel more prepared and informed. I knew quite a bit about the theory of birth from my own reading but it helps to have it reinforced, and it’s great to know that I’m on the same page as my birth partner. 

We thought it was a really fantastic workshop!

Claire & Dave, December 2018