I highly recommend Eleanor. She has a wealth of knowledge and is truly committed to giving each of her pregnant ladies the best individual experience, whether that be through weekly yoga or in a one to one or group class.
I began a series of private yoga sessions with Eleanor after having attended her Pregnancy Yoga classes for a number of weeks and having chatted to her about the position of my baby.
At that time the baby was lying sideways in a transverse position and as well as being very uncomfortable, there were medical interventions that I would have needed to undergo if she hadn’t turned by 36 weeks. In addition, I was also experiencing pelvic pain particularly when I walked or got up out of bed or from a chair.
Eleanor devised a series of three sessions incorporating some yoga poses that would help alleviate the pelvic pain and also some movements that would encourage the baby to turn head down. The sessions were very much tailored to my pregnancy and Eleanor came to my house which also helped hugely.
We began at 33 weeks and very quickly, after a week of continuing the movements every day on my own as well as with Eleanor, the pelvic pain had eased off considerably and, at times, the baby began to turn head down. After three weeks the pelvic pain was gone completely and at 37 weeks an ultrasound scan confirmed that the baby’s head was down and engaged!
The sessions were both relaxing and enjoyable and I looked forward to them, knowing I would have an hour to focus on the baby and myself.
Eleanor put me completely at ease and always gently guided me to get maximum benefit from the movements, whilst keeping safe.

Clare, November 2015