I was intrigued prior to the class. I had some small insight into the subject matter and wanted to find out more. I felt like I had more to learn about labour and birth before deciding whether it frightened me or not. My husband entered the class not really knowing what was in store. He was not very knowledgable on the subject and his lack of knowledge made him more apprehensive.

The 3 things that have mainly stuck in our heads are the physical happenings that occur during labour, the fact that it’s a natural process and not a medical one and the techniques taught to aid labour and being an effective birth partner.

We thought Eleanor was excellent at explaining things and we felt it was well structured and highly informative. So much information to take in but all sections were made simple and highly interesting.

Danielle: I found the class extremely informative and reassuring on many levels. It fulfilled my expectations and gave me the sense of preparation I felt I needed during my first pregnancy. The class was delivered in a relaxed and engaging manner.

Eleanor made it easy for us to share our thoughts and concerns. I would highly recommend this class to expecting mothers, particularly if feeling anxious about labour, as it provides great insight and comfort in so many ways.

Barry: I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed the Birthzang class and found it enlightening, informative and empowering. As a husband I thought long and hard on whether we should attend such classes. I was not very knowledgable about birth (apart from what I saw on TV).

I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to go through the trauma, worry and stress of child birth over and over again! Having been on the class, so many of my questions have been answered and I feel so much more capable and part of the process now. Thank you Eleanor for great day. Highly recommended (particularly for Dads).

The venue was a perfect size for the small group we had on the day. There was ample space for demonstrations and Eleanor made us feel completely at home with the surroundings.

I feel more informed and reassured, as does my husband. We feel empowered to give ourselves the best chance of a birth without medical intervention.

Danielle & Bary, April 2016