isa & oscar1

Before the workshop we felt worried, scared, nervous. We knew there was many things that we needed to know and prepare but we didn’t know where to start. I felt really uncomfortable with the idea of giving birth.

The workshop itself was really practical and personal. We received lots of important and interesting information. Everything was really well explained and displayed. We felt comfortable to ask any question or felt the way we felt.

In particular the things that resonated with us most were:  understanding that my body knows what to do; knowing I have to find the way to let it go; and that there are many things I can do to help and be in control during my labour – I have to be positive and remember that I can do it.

We now feel more comfortable and informed about labour. We know we still having a lot of research to do but we don’t feel that scared and we know what we need to research about. I think we can cope with it and I know that Oscar is more conscious of what he has to do and what I need so he will be a better companion.

Isa & Oscar, Sept 2015