After having attended the NCT sessions and having been very disappointed about it, attending Birthzang’s Complete Birth Workshop was exactly what we needed. We decided to go for it at 36 weeks hoping that the information will remain fresh until labour and we are so grateful we did.

We felt like there was too much information online [about birth] to actually get a clear picture. On top of it, a lot of that information contradicts itself or is simply very vague. I was scared of going through the birth experience since we hadn’t been given tools or information hold on to.

Eleanor not only provided us with detailed information of the processes that will occur during labour but went beyond that in helping understand and strengthen the partners role. We now feel much more confident as we’ve got the tools to go through every step.

We decided to go for the private workshop and it proved to be a big success as we could decide to digress whenever we had questions and we felt we could shape the whole workshop to our own specific needs. On top, we were able to split the workshop into two mornings which was much more comfortable to us than a whole day session and it allowed us to come back next day to solve any doubts and having thought of further questions.

We particularly liked the description of the physical and hormonal process undergone during labour and how they are incredibly linked. We really liked the detail in which this information was provided as it is now something we will be able to follow and hold on to when it starts.

We feel much more confident. My partner knows his role and many different ways to assist during birth and I feel calm as I understand what my body is going to go through and I can hold on to that.

In overall, we would recommend it to any parents-to-be (which we are already doing!) as an amazing way to get rid of your doubts about childbirth and enjoy that peace of mind that comes with knowledge.

Marina & Dave, August 2015