Mum & Baby Yoga in Frome

Time to stretch and release your body, keep baby entertained, and connect with other mums
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Drop-in mum & baby yoga frome every term-time Thursday 10am @ St Mary’s Church Hall

Mum & Baby Yoga will be closing at the end of this term.

Any class credits left in the system will be refunded.

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Thursdays 10am-11.15am (term-time)


St Mary's Church Hall, Frome BA11 2LN (click here for venue info & map)


£10 drop-in, £45 5-class pass (valid 3 months), £80 10-class pass (valid 6 months)

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For details of what to wear, bring and class etiquette, click here.

Mum & Baby Yoga in Frome

One thing you can absolutely guarantee with motherhood is that it will be nothing like you ever imagined! (A bit like birth really!).

The first time you look down into your baby’s eyes is pretty incredible. Some people feel a huge rush of love for their little one. Some mums take a bit more time to feel connected to their baby. Some mums look down at their baby and think WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!!!

All of these feelings are completely natural and normal. But no matter how and when you bond with your baby, what is CERTAIN is that if you do it alone then it will be much MUCH harder.

The transition to parenthood can be fraught with many different feelings and the steepness of the learning curve is on the vertical spectrum! But I am going to let you in on a little secret! That’s it come a bit closer…nobody knows what the hell they are doing!

Yes, that’s right! There is no right or wrong with motherhood. There are no hard and fast rules and you can bet your bottom dollar that your baby hasn’t read that parenting book either!

One thing that can make life easier is to find your baby-family. And another thing that eases the journey of motherhood is feeling good in your body and mind.

Thankfully Birthzang’s mum & baby yoga in Frome covers both these angles so you don’t have to worry!

The mum & baby yoga classes are suitable for complete yoga beginners and are appropriate from birth. I’m not saying you will necessarily feel ready to even leave the house for the first few weeks let alone start a class, but it is there if you want to come and it is gentle enough for the delicate post-partum body.

We do gentle postures designed to aid your healing from labour and birth (even caesarean birth) and to help your body to feel relaxed and flexible. Bending over and changing nappies is a killer on the old back! Babies are welcome to come as long as they don’t bother the little ones – crawlers and walkers are welcome.

We do interactive moves with your baby to ensure this class is interesting for both you and your little one, but this class is for mums so the focus is on you. We will do enough to keep your baby happy and occupied, including some of my amazing fart expulsion techniques that have been proven time and again to help your baby eliminate trapped wind. Singing is optional!

For mum & baby yoga class info like what to wear and bring click here.

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I really enjoyed Eleanor’s Mum and baby yoga and looked forward to it every week. The class was really relaxed and fun. Being new to the area and having done pregnancy yoga with Eleanor also it was a great opportunity to make friends with other mums.


Mums' Relaxed Night Off

restorative yoga frome bw

Take time out of pregnancy or motherhood and join this restorative yoga class. And we always have awesome cake.

We loved coming to Mum and Baby yoga.

It gave me an activity for me in those early days post-partum, where we all had a safe space to both brag about how amazing our tiny humans were and also moan about how tired we were from this, that, and the other.

The yoga element helped me understand how delicately I should treat my body after carrying a baby inside it, and helped me focus on my own recovery from birth, not just on my baby’s development.

Just like in pregnancy yoga, Eleanor’s mum and baby yoga helped foster a community of mums and those friendships have gone on to help us support each other through toddlerhood and those daunting preschool years — and hopefully beyond!


I deeply enjoyed taking part in Eleanor's classes in a very delicate time when my baby was born and I needed a welcoming place to go where to bond with my baby and meet other mothers.

Eleanor's Mum and Baby yoga was a highlight of my week - not just the exercise element (which was brilliant, well planned, wonderfully executed and explained and offered a very definite workout) but also the cameraderie, which was much needed in those early days.

The friendships I formed were real and lasting, and we still get together and help each other through the difficult bits of parenting over a year later.

Come back to Reading, we miss you!


We joined Mum and baby yoga from 6 weeks (would have done it earlier but had a c section & needed to drive!) and really enjoyed it. It was great to do something active and Eleanor would always highlight anything I (or anyone else it applied to) needed to be wary of due to the section. 

It was super cute to watch the babies interact while we focused on us, and always relaxed whenever we needed to change / feed / cuddle them. 

Really sociable and a nice weekly bonding activity to do. Thank you 🙂.


"Mum & Baby Yoga is really yoga for mums with babies. Of course the babies are entertained but what is more important is that mums get time and space to unwind, to gently stretch, and be more than "just" a mother."

Eleanor Hayes

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All classes should be booked online in advance up to the start time of the class. Classes can be cancelled up to an hour before the class start time.

Class passes can be used for any yoga class.

Eleanor's Mum and Baby Yoga was a weekly window of calm in the, sometimes turbulent, first year of my daughter's life. Gentle exercise to sooth a knackered body and plenty of relaxation time to sooth a knackered mind. Plus a fantastic bunch of friends and introduction to a wider network of mums - an absolute godsend!


Birthzang Family

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Join our local Birthzang Facebook group, Birthzang Mums' Club, and enjoy the benefits of online chat, discussion topics, and real-life face-to-face coffee mornings.

Eleanor Hayes

eleanor hayes birthzangAntenatal teacher, parent mentor & all-round good egg

I founded Birthzang after having an incredible birth experience that enlightened me that with the right tools and skills at her fingertips, any woman can have a positive birth experience.

I discovered my passion for providing parents with practical and non-fluffy information about how to cope with pregnancy, labour, birth, and parenthood.

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