Natural Ways to Induce Labour – your guide to myths and facts about childbirth induction without drugs

by May 22, 2019Labour & Birth

 So many women feel fed-up at the end of their pregnancy.

On the one hand, you feel as if you have been pregnant for 6 million years and frankly another day is too much!

On the other hand, you feel really sure that you want to let things happen as naturally as possible.

In the UK, women are routinely offered an artificial induction of labour after 40 weeks of pregnancy, and sometimes before then.

It can often feel as if there is no choice in the matter.

Avoiding the induction can feel really stressful and so lots of women resort to “natural” ways to induce labour in the hope that they will kick-start labour and avoid unnecessary – and unwanted –  interventions.

Does natural equate to safe?

The crazy thing is that there are plenty of old wives tales around methods to start labour naturally.

Some are fairly benign – like eating curry or going for a walk.

But some of these methods encourage ingesting unknown herbs or foods (like black cohosh). Perhaps they suggest eating supplements or undertaking risky or strange actions.

Many women assume that just because it is an old wives tale, or is common knowledge, then it is safe to do and just a bit of fun.

Ensure you stay safe while encouraging labour to start naturally

natural ways to induce labour book cover

Natural Ways to Induce Labour: your guide to myths and facts about childbirth induction without drugs’ is an indispensable guide for parents looking for reliable information about all those old wives tales of how to bring on labour naturally.

It discusses our obsession with estimated due dates and takes a look at why we fixate on a specific date in the first place.

It explores the way artificial induction of labour has become standard practice for women after 40 weeks of pregnancy. In the UK alone induction rates are currently 30% of all births!

It then dives deep into all the different methods commonly said to start labour covering 4 different areas:

  • Things to consume to start labour
  • Practical things to do to start labour
  • How to shift your mental state around labour
  • Complementary therapies and how they can help.

The book is designed to give parents an idea of what is involved in each type of method, what the studies say about its safety, whether or not it is effective, and also gives guidance on methods which appear more harm than good.


Natural Ways to Induce Labour

natural ways to induce labour book cover

Available as kindle or papaerback on Amazon now.


I am a firm believer of EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION when it comes to birth.

The more you know about all the things available to you, the better informed you will be and that means the choices you make will always be informed choices. 

Do let me know how you enjoy the book by leaving a review on Amazon or commenting below.

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