Online Antenatal Classes

Online antenatal classes | Learn everything you need to get ready for labour & birth in the comfort of your own home.
Online Antenatal Classes

Online antenatal classes  | Do you want to feel ready for birth?

Are you expecting a baby and wondering how on earth you are going to get it OUT?

Have you recently had your 20-week scan and are starting to think about what birth might look like?

Have you and your midwife started discussing where you are planning to have your baby?

Have you got this idea that birth COULD be amazing…you just don’t know what to do to make it happen?

Are you ready to TAKE ACTION and learn what you need to GET READY and FEEL READY for birth?

My Online Antenatal Classes will do exactly that!

Because my antenatal classes cover a comprehensive curriculum that will teach you the KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS to get ready for birth, and also help you feel CALM, CONFIDENT and that an EMPOWERED BIRTH is within reach.

My classes cover all the physical stuff you need to know – like how to the body works in labour and also how you can help it.

My antenatal course is listing on the NHS Antenatal classes services pages

You also learn many different ways to cope with the sensations of labour because one method or technique doesn’t suit everybody (we are all individual after all).

And you come out of the course not only with the training and education you need, but also a mindset transformation so you feel GENUINELY POSITIVE about birth.


So are you ready?

You’ve given us lots of tools and what to expect from each stage and the NCT didn’t give us that.

We learned so much from the antenatal class and feel very confident now.

We completely changed our attitude from thinking it is someone else’s job, to knowing this is our responsibility and it is completely up to us how to go about it. Our views have changed 100%.

Olga & Simon

What my online antenatal classes give you

All my online live antenatal classes are packed with useful, practical birth advice and knowledge.

Everything is hinged around the LABOUR ABCs – a simple and ingenious way of splitting all the information you will come across in your birth preparation into manageable chunks.

I always include VISUAL DEMONSTRATIONS of the things we cover to ensure that we can apply the knowledge to real-life situations.

The BIRTH PARTNER is a crucial person in the room and I want to help them realise how important their role is at every step of the way, and give them useful tools to put into action.

Even in online antenatal session we always have time for UNLIMITED QUESTIONS to ensure everyone understands everything.


antenatal student

This is definitely a course for a couple to attend as it demystifies birth, particularly for partners. It covers every aspect of birthing and all the variables and circumstances.

It also takes away any fear I came away feeling like I can really do this!


Get Ready for Birth

online antenatal course pelvis and baby

This live 4-week course gives you everything you need to get ready and feel ready for birth.

• learn the biology of birth •
• practice skills to help you cope •
• personalised support & coaching •
• inspiring videos and discussion •

Start Getting Ready for Birth

antenatal class pelvis and baby

This FREE live 60-minute taster class is packed with valuable info to help you:

• make informed choices •
• discover the LABOUR ABCs •
• see a demo of birth anatomy •
• learn how to help labour •

Breathing Techniques for Birth

breathing online course woman

This self-guided 2.5-hour online course can be followed at your own pace:

• discover why breathing matters •
• learn to connect with your beath •
• bonus relaxation tracks •
• downloadable MP3s •

Our life changing experience

We have just completed a 4-week online course and not only have we learnt so much but we have a completely new outlook on the next chapter of our lives.

Although I admit I am still nervous the sessions have been so helpful, empowering and knowledgeable that they have boosted my confidence.

In such a way that I know I can do this and I am looking forward to meeting our little man.

I can not thank you enough Eleanor for your knowledge, your positive mindset and guidance.

I honestly didn’t know where to start at the beginning but it all feels so natural and I couldn’t ask for more.

I know money may be tight for people at the moment but this was definitely the best under £50 spent so far.

I almost forgot how little it was for what we got.

Not to mention I think there will definitely be a few long-lasting friendships along the way after this.

To sum up, our take away from this experience: Honest, humble, friendly but straight forward knowledge which is easy to digest. Helping us along the most important next chapter in our lives!


Your classes were so helpful – we really knew very little about the process of labour, and nothing at all about how to handle it.

We went into the labour feeling really confident and relaxed. I found the range of positions you took us through really useful, and used several of them.

Our midwife commented on how happy and relaxed we were and even said that we were making her feel relaxed!

Jess & James

I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed the Birthzang free online antenatal class and found it enlightening, informative and empowering. As a husband, I thought long and hard on whether we should attend such classes. I was not very knowledgable about birth (apart from what I saw on TV).

I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to go through the trauma, worry and stress of childbirth over and over again! Having been on the class, so many of my questions have been answered and I feel so much more capable and part of the process now.

Thank you, Eleanor, for a great day. Highly recommended (particularly for Dads).


Eleanor Hayes: Online Antenatal Teacher and Author

Who am I?

Antenatal teacher, mentor & all-round good egg

I founded Birthzang after having an incredible birth experience that enlightened me that with the right tools and skills at her fingertips, any woman can have a positive birth experience.

I discovered my passion for providing parents with practical and non-fluffy information in my online antenatal workshops and classes about how to cope with pregnancy, labour, birth, and parenthood.

My book 'Helping Birth' is available as a kindle or paperback.

An indispensable guide for parents looking for reliable information about birth pain relief options and common interventions in labour.