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As you progress in your pregnancy you will start to look ahead to birth and start researching options and antenatal classes.

If you are a first-time mum, the whole birth thing can feel like an open ocean. It is huge. It is daunting. Unchartered territory is an understatement! Where do you even start to figure out what you need to know if you have no clue about it?

And seeing birth portrayed in soaps and movies, coupled with horror stories from friends and family REALLY DOES NOT HELP!

If you are a second-time mum then your previous pregnancy and birth can really shape this journey. You know what worked for you the first time (and what didn’t). You know whether you need to learn more stuff to make this birth better.

I specialise in working with second-time mums who have had a really shitty first birth. It may have been really long. Perhaps it was way more painful than anything you ever imagined. It could be that your birth was so far away from your hopes and dreams that it has left you feeling shaken, upset, disturbed or even traumatised.


It’s OK. I have your back. All this is covered in my Antenatal Classes and Workshops.

My own experience of pregnancy and birth has helped me craft an incredible programme of birth training that will give you everything you need to get through labour and birth. Both physically and mentally.

Antenatal Classes

Learn all the skills and knowledge you need to have an awesome birth, using this tried and tested method of birth preparation.

Wow you are pregnant! How exciting…and yet you can’t maintain that level of excitement forever so the question is…what now?

Many women I work with find that when they become pregnant their priorities start to shift. They don’t want to, or can’t, carry on with the usual exercise or yoga class. The daily grind of life seems harder to cope with and the tiredness is just epic! And where do you even have time to fit in making new friends who are also pregnant?


I have just the solution for you: join my weekly pregnancy yoga class in Frome!

It is a nurturing class for mums with any or none yoga ability. The class says “yoga” but in fact we cover so much more. We do breathing, birth preparation knowledge and skills, gentle postures and even make time for some circle time where we can get to know each other a bit better.

Pregnancy Yoga in Frome

Get into the physical and mental headspace of pregnancy, learn birth skills and make mum friends in this flexible drop-in class in Frome.

Birth preparation doesn’t end with a class though. There are plentiful resources for pregnant information junkies to give them all the information they need to make informed choices in their labour and birth.

I believe firmly that while we should all aim for a natural birth where possible, there is a place for pain relief drugs and interventions in birth. These can be life-saving tools in certain situations. We just need to make sure we use them when we need to or want to. we should not be using them because we think we should, or because someone else wants us to.


My Book: Helping Birth

helping birth eleanor hayesIn my book, Helping Birth, I discuss all labour pain relief choices and common birth interventions. I use the BRAIN framework to look at the pro's and cons, to help you make the right choices for you and your baby. Includes real-life stories.

Buy the book for £10 on Amazon (free delivery in the UK).

And when it feels like all this is just empty talk as you are just not FEELING remotely awesome about pregnancy or birth, then you are ready for the next level of training.

This is an option for when you are feeling stuck behind your previously difficult birth. For when you know you are in completely the wrong headspace for birth and feel that it is something you will have to endure but want to get it over with as quickly as possible.

My incredible antenatal coaching package can give you all the benefits of a life coaching package but tailored specifically to your pregnancy and birth journey. We examine the blocks and the traumas that prevent you from positivity.

We interrupt the unhelpful patterns of thoughts and feelings. And then we evolve a bespoke programme to get you into the headspace for the pregnancy and birth you desire (and deserve).

Private Antenatal Classes

Create a bespoke antenatal programme to help you prepare for birth in the comfort of your own home with tailor-made content.

Finding a community of friendly faces in pregnancy can make a huge difference to your state of mind. Knowing that others are going through the same things as you (and that weird pregnancy symptom is quite NORMAL and COMMON) can be so reassuring. Having a safe space to ask questions, offer support and friendship, and perhaps further down the line offer advice of your own, is an essential part of parenthood.

Thankfully, Facebook Groups have made it really easy for us to stay connected.

Birthzang hosts a variety of local and location-indepedent groups for mums and dads to build their support network. We have groups located in Frome, Reading and West Midlands, as well an an umbrella group for anyone, anywhere. Everyone is welcome to join the group whether they have come to a Birthzang class or not. The policy is to be loving supportive and inclusive.

Birthzang Family

Birthzang mums' club

Join our local Birthzang Facebook group, Birthzang Mums' Club, and enjoy the benefits of online chat, discussion topics, and real-life face-to-face coffee mornings.

And sometimes you just want a bit of SPACE to THINK. You love your baby and partner and other kids, but sometimes you just need to STOP! You have to keep a million and one things in your head as a mum and it is exhausting.

There is a wonderful way to clear your head, by doing guided relaxation exercises.

In response to my mums who love the guided relaxation at the end of every mum & baby yoga, and mums’ relaxed night off class, I recorded this 16-minute track. It is a simple and gentle guided relaxation which will help you to switch off your mind, relax your body and just STOP.

Guided Relaxation MP3

online relaxation

Listen to this awesome guided relaxation MP3 on Itunes or Spotify, and just take a moment to stop, breathe and relax.

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