Birthzang Herbal Remedies: Lavender Relaxation MP3


For the same cost and time for a cup of coffee, get a wonderful 16-minute MP3 to help you completely relax your entire body and mind. Suitable for anyone – mums, dads, kids!

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birthzang lavender relaxation mp3


Download this relaxation mp3, get into a comfortable relaxation position, switch your phone to silent, lie back and relax your entire body from the tips of your toes, to the crown of your head.

This relaxation mp3 is titled, “Lavender” and is part of Birthzang’s relaxation mp3 series called “Herbal Remedies”. This relaxation mp3 is perfect when coupled with the lovely smell of lavender. Pick a few strands of lavender and rub it into your hands. Or perhaps take a few drops of lavender lotion or massage oil and rub it into your hands. If you have got pure lavender essential oil you could put a few drops on a tissue nearby, or perhaps in an oil burner. Lavender essential oil is appropriate for use in pregnancy.

If you are in the third trimester of pregnancy (after 27 weeks), please ensure you lie on your side rather than on your back to ensure you don’t compress your arteries!


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