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We absolutely loved the workshop! It was practical, easy to follow, really informative and focused on tips, tools and techniques to help us prepare for labour. My partner didn’t expect to learn so much and is now really confident about how to be with me for labour and was very impressed. I feel incredibly confident that whatever faces us we’ll be able to cope with it.
Emma's Success Story

You’ve given us lots of tools and what to expect from each stage and the NCT didn’t give us that.

We learned so much from the workshop and very confident now.

We completely changed our attitude from thinking it is someone else’s job, to knowing this is our responsibility and it is completely up to us how to go about it. Our views have changed 100%.

Olga & Simon's Success Story

After attending the active birth workshop we feel really prepared and a lot more relaxed about having our baby.

Katie & Shane ...read more

This course has been fantastic!

Very engaging and informative, answering questions we didn't even know we had.

My husband especially found these 4 sessions really helpful in making him feel more involved in the pregnancy and giving him the confidence to be a great birth partner.

As a first time parent, I feel much more prepared for the journey ahead. Eleanor is fab and so reassuring, she has helped me find the confidence to move forward with very few reservations.

If you're looking to take part in a birthing course then you can't go wrong with this one!


Super informative, rich in contents and full of Q&A

My partner and I enjoyed Eleanor’s June antenatal classes very much. They were super informative, rich in contents and full of Q&A. Eleanor knows A LOT about birth and sharing her experiences made us feel more confident about labour. Can’t wait to experience and practice all we’ve learned with our baby girl next month! 💕


Breathing techniques

Brilliant! Very concise and enjoyed the easy way it was put together.

You can take your time and listen over a few nights.

Thanks very much for all your knowledge …I feel much more calm now and prepared for birthing.



I am going to use all this exercises when I’ll be in labour, only listening to the sound/voice is really relaxing. Vocalization does help me a lot to focus with my inner side.


I had an amazing rewind session with Eleanor, I was feeling very stuck on some negative feelings about a past job.

The rewind session really helped me to distance myself from these feelings and it was almost as if my brain was rewired.

I no longer have strong emotions about that issue and felt I could let it go and move on with my life. 

Kieran, August 2020


3-Step Rewind

Eleanor is such an engaging and passionate teacher, and she is also really open to listening and helping you through some of your darkest thoughts and worries, to emerge into a more positive space.

We both feel more confident. The workshop was the perfect opportunity not just to teach us lots of things but also to give us the head space to really focus on the birth.

Mr & Mrs G's Story

The video of the water birth which is what made me really want to have one, and turned out to be the best thing about my whole birth experience!

We also loved ideas of positions and ways that my partner could be involved in the birth, and the use of the birthing ball.

Mrs L...read more

Overall I thought the Complete Birth Workshop was informative and interactive. There was a relaxed atmosphere and Eleanor is an amazing teacher!

I now feel empowered and full of positive energy.

Renata ...read more

The workshop was awesome! We learned a lot. Very useful information was given.

Eleanor is completely dedicated to her work and inspired us a lot!


Kat & Vlad ...read more

Eleanor was a really good teacher … She covers lots of different tools so you have a wide range to pick and choose from to use when it comes to your own big day.

We both felt that we had learned a lot and are now feeling very confident and informed. We would thoroughly recommend this course to others.

gemma and dean

Gemma & Dean ... read more

Eleanor created a warm atmosphere for the class and provided plenty of information.
Halima ...read more

We really enjoyed the one-day workshop with Eleanor. She was fantastically enthusiastic, but also clearly very knowledgeable about the birthing process as a whole.

I found the focus on the physiological and hormonal aspects of birth really useful to get a deep understanding of how the mother and baby’s bodies work together in birth. This knowledge brings the confidence to make the right decisions.

Overall, I would recommend this workshop to parents who want to take an active and informed approach to having their baby. Oh, and the cake was fab too!

Becky & Tom ...read more

The workshop exceeded our expectations and we found it very helpful…I also attended other antenatal classes so I can say that I found the Active Birthing workshop far more useful, thorough and informative.


Anita ...read more

I found the class extremely informative and reassuring on many levels. It fulfilled my expectations and gave me the sense of preparation I felt I needed during my first pregnancy. The class was delivered in a relaxed and engaging manner.

Having been on the class, so many of my questions have been answered and I feel so much more capable and part of the process now. Thank you Eleanor for great day. Highly recommended!

Danielle & Barry ...read more

I feel much braver and confident and am looking forward to more yoga classes.

Natalie & Gilly testimonial

Natalie & Gilly ...read more

Our life-changing experience!

We have just completed the online antenatal course and not only have we learnt so much but we have a completely new outlook on the next chapter of our lives.

Although I admit I am still nervous the course has been so helpful, empowering and knowledgeable that it has boosted my confidence. In such a way that I know I can do this and I am looking forward to meeting our little man.

I can not thank you enough Eleanor for your knowledge, your positive mindset and guidance.

I honestly didn’t know where to start at the beginning but it all feels so natural and I couldn’t ask for more.

I know money may be tight for people at the moment but this was definitely the best money spent so far!

To sum up, our take away from this experience: Honest, humble, friendly but straight-forward knowledge which is easy to digest. Helping us along the most important next chapter in our lives!


Very informative and thorough without overwhelming you with info

Excellent classes. Very informative and thorough without overwhelming you with info, and really great follow up materials and supplementary course content such as breathing exercises. Really helped to re-enforce info we had read in other places, but also introduced us to new things. The most important part is she takes the approach of giving various points of view and techniques and arming you with info and also how to ask questions to get more info and then saying that the key thing is to do what's right for you. Some really eye-opening and informative video examples too. A bargain at the price.


We learned SO much for such a low price

My husband and I took this antenatal classes because we both felt unprepared and poorly informed about labour. With Covid-19 seeming to affect everything, it was amazing to be able to ‘attend’ classes.

The price is an absolute steal! We learned SO much for such a low price. For us, we wanted to understand labour and its different stages.

I feared labour and wanted to learn more. In the early hours of Tuesday, I went into labour naturally. My husband and I used all the strategies we had learned and I managed to stay at home for a long time. I, along with the midwives, were absolutely amazed to learn that I had stayed at home so long ... I was 6cm’s dilated!

Apparently, I went against the textbook when I came to first-time mums! With our gas and air, I channelled myself and focused on everything that I had learned in the classes. Granted it was hard. Yes, it was painful but WOW I was so in control! I half expected to be a screaming banshee but I was focused and conserved my energy for labouring.

My husband and I will be forever grateful for the lessons which we learned and I have already recommended the course to others.


I decided to do the Rewind Technique with Eleanor after a recent incident had left me reeling.

My mind kept taking me back to the memory of it happening, I was losing sleep and suffering with anxiety. 

Eleanor very calmly worked through the technique with me, giving me time and space to really process what had happened in a very peaceful way. 

I can think back on that experience now with a rational mind and I don't get any sense of fear or anxiety when I remember it.

I would recommend the Rewind Technique to anyone experiencing any form of anxiety from a traumatic event.  It really does make a difference.

Lucy ... read more

3-Step Rewind

Find out how to have an awesome birth

Learn How to Have an Awesome Birth and see how Active Birth techniques can make your birth easier, safer, more efficient and less painful.

I personally think all women should do everything they can to be informed about their choices during pregnancy and labour, particularly because there are many more choices than we often think!

And the information provided by the Active Birth Workshop is seriously advantageous – everything you could possibly need to know about the stages of labour, all the different elements of those stages, what external influences can impact how those elements perform, the choices you have about what positions to adopt, the reasons for exploring different positions, breathing, environment, birth partner role … the list goes on and on.

All packed into one excellent day. It’s a truly enlightening workshop and we hope many more women and couples go on to benefit from it.

Georgina & Ed ...read more

Eleanor is welcoming and enthusiastic about active birth, which definitely upped my positivity that I can have my third child naturally.
Mrs F ...read more

The active birth workshop was a real eye opener for me although this is my 3rd pregnancy.
Saima & Asif ...read more

It is clear that Eleanor is passionate about helping women and their partners to prepare for birth and I would recommend the workshops to help empower and prepare for birth.

Although [we didn’t have a natural birth] having the knowledge and techniques from the workshop helped us to stay at home as long as possible and we are happy to say that we did all we could during the labour to try to achieve a natural birth.

Vikki & Phil ...read more

We were a little daunted by the fact that it was a whole day long, but Eleanor’s friendly and frank delivery style and the interactive nature of the session kept us engaged the whole time.

We felt comfortable asking questions throughout and found it particularly useful to try out some of the practical exercises (positions, movements etc.) that we quite probably wouldn’t have got around to otherwise.

We both feel much more in control and able to make informed decisions. Kevin is much more confident about being an awesome birth partner, and Anne feels more empowered and generally positive.

Anne & Kevin ...read more

We have come away feeling really excited about our forthcoming labour and birth after this fantastic workshop
Bex & Ben ...read more

We feel we have now gained the confidence to go into our birth knowing that we can be excited and prepared rather than nervous!!

My husband and I took Eleanor's online antenatal cours and it was fab! We enjoyed every single part and learned everything we needed about labour, birth and how my husband could feel more involved.

We loved the session on how labour progresses and how the baby moves into position ready for birth, this was something that we didn't realise happened so naturally.

Eleanor is so knowledgeable and explained everything in an easy to understand way with diagrams and visuals too. We feel we have now gained the confidence to go into our birth knowing that we can be excited and prepared rather than nervous!!

Thank you Eleanor for sharing your expertise and preparing us for the birth of our son. We highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to gain more knowledge and gain a better understanding of all the elements that go into a positive birth experience.


The course has really prepared us for what's ahead

We absolutely loved the Birthzang antenatal classes! As first time parents, the course really gave us insight into what to expect from Labour and birth.

My husband was also really able to get involved, which he enjoyed as birth partners tend to be forgotten about, as the mother is the main focus.

Although we both were quite nervous about the prospect of labour, we've come away after the course feeling more calm and confident about the whole process. The course has really prepared us for what's ahead. Thank you Eleanor!


Eleanor’s workshop and also pregnancy yoga classes really helped me prepare for labour physically and mentally. The workshop was not only educational, equipping me & my husband with the knowledge on the stages of labour, we also learnt great techniques for dealing with pain including breathing, massage and positions to adopt.

The workshop is given in a relaxed environment with a small friendly group of other likeminded couples.

I definitely feel that it all enhanced my labour and prepared us well. We would highly recommend attending.

Sophie & Oliver ...read more

It was empowering and informative and full of really useful information.

Cathy & Rik ...read more

I had a very personal and traumatic experience... the aftermath affected me greatly.

I had my doubts that Rewind would work.

Eleanor did everything within her power to ensure that I felt safe and comfortable within our sessions. I ‘awoke’ from our relaxation dazed and relaxed and speechless. I couldn’t quite get my head around it. Even now I couldn’t tell you what I experienced that day. What I can tell you is that I was amazed!

Eleanor knows what she is doing and how to bring peace and trust for Rewind to be used as a tool and to be vulnerable enough to face whatever inner demons a person is battling.

Honestly, I could not sing her praises enough.

Amy ... read more

We now feel more comfortable and informed about labour. We know we still have a lot of research to do but we don’t feel that scared and we know what we need to research about.

isa & oscar1

Isa & Oscar ...read more

Lucy & Martin1The whole workshop was great!! By the end of the day we both felt a lot more confident about the prospect of labour and birth having been given lots of useful tips and ideas!
Lucy & Martin ...read more

Eleanor has constructed her course beautifully so all the information can be digested easily.
Ian & Sarah ...read more

Birthzang helped me through a difficult time of a planned C-section and I thought that meant I couldn’t have an active & natural birth … how wrong I was!
Sara ...read more

We feel more confident now and believe in the power of my body to give birth.
Gemma & Jaime ...read more

We went into the labour feeling really confident and relaxed.

I found the range of positions you took us through really useful, and used several of them.

Jess & James ... read more

The wide variety of different tools I learnt have left me feeling empowered and positive about giving birth naturally after a previous c-section.
Sarah ...read more

I really enjoyed the workshop and it really helped to have my birth partner there and on same page.
Sara ...read more

We loved all the visual aids and the interactiveness, and found the clear explanations helpful, and the fact that the workshop was tailored to our questions.

So thank you much appreciated. We both feel better informed and more aware of what is going to happen at what stage.

Mo & Andy ...read more

Eleanor made the subject feel really accessible and easy to understand

We now feel more empowered to ask the right questions and make the decisions we need to help us have an awesome birth!

Mr & Mrs A...read more

Pregnancy Yoga Testimonials

Throughout my day-to-day life, I find myself using your tips and tools and all sorts of different yoga stuff…it’s brill!


Olga's yoga story

I love the Birthzang Yoga class Eleanor offers. It’s a lovely way to break up my work week, and is helping me feel more aware of the changes to my body during pregnancy.

I’ve been attending regularly since I was 17 weeks and I really like the sense of community we’ve built and how open and welcoming the atmosphere is. Eleanor does a great job of making everyone feel valued.

Briget's yoga story

I love the Birthzang Yoga class Eleanor offers. It’s a lovely way to break up my work week, and is helping me feel more aware of the changes to my body during pregnancy.

I’ve been attending regularly since I was 17 weeks and I really like the sense of community we’ve built and how open and welcoming the atmosphere is. Eleanor does a great job of making everyone feel valued.

Briget's yoga story

I like the fact that it doesn’t push you so you take it at your own pace. It is a really nice group of people and nice to meet other mums.

It is designed to help you in your labour and provides tangible techniques that I can use on the day.

Emma's Yoga Story

Try Pregnancy Yoga

Eleanor is a lovely yoga instructor and always makes you feel at ease, like she says we are all friends here :0)

I began a series of private yoga sessions with Eleanor after having attended her Pregnancy Yoga classes for a number of weeks and having chatted to her about the position of my baby.
At that time the baby was lying sideways in a transverse position…I was also experiencing pelvic pain.
After three weeks the pelvic pain was gone completely and at 37 weeks an ultrasound scan confirmed that the baby’s head was down and engaged!
The sessions were both relaxing and enjoyable and I looked forward to them, knowing I would have an hour to focus on the baby and myself.
Clare's yoga story ...read more

Eleanor is a great teacher & all the other mums-to-be are very friendly.

I look forward to going again.

Erika's yoga story

I really wanted to tell you that in spite of that I’ve had a good labour and that to a large extent that’s thanks to you and that you were almost there with me:):)

It’s not just from Facebook, I remembered so much from your pregnancy yoga classes from 2 years ago, it’s a very intense period in our lives and things just stick and suddenly resurface when we need them:) camel walk, breathing, tens machine, bringing all this equipment, being vocal about what we don’t want or asking what’s really necessary, you’d mentioned it quite a lot:)

Anyway, I wanted to thank you so much and tell you that you’ve made a huge difference for me and that you’re doing a fantastic job!

Ms E's testimonial