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There are a thousand books on how to have a natural birth with different techniques and methods. Very few of them address the reality that over 50% of mothers in the UK have some form of intervention or birth pain relief in childbirth, and the number is much higher in the US.


Will learning about birth pain relief set you up for “failure”?


Most women go into labour with little or no knowledge of what medical options really mean – I mean, do you know what is actually involved in an induction?


And if you are planning a natural birth then why would you bother finding out about birth pain relief choices or medical interventions?


Because you can’t plan birth


Many women find that in labour they do want to choose birth pain relief. And many interventions are not so much a choice as a necessity.


So does being ignorant of those birth pain relief choices and interventions make you more likely to have them? No!


Many birth interventions have further consequences or implications for you or your baby, making you more likely to need additional help further down the line (that classic ‘cascade of interventions’ that we hear about in the birthing world).


Knowledge is power


Ironically by being completely clued up on all the options BEFORE your contractions start will give you a head start in making sure you are making the right choices and may help you reconsider them completely.


So many women have treatment in birth that they didn’t understand and they feel that their body failed them. This book helps mothers to understand the what, how and why of these medical options, so they can feel in control of their body and in control of their birth. Inevitably, this will help them to have a positive experience regardless of birth pain relief or interventions.


I founded Birthzang after having an incredible birth experience that enlightened me that with the right tools and skills at her fingertips, any woman can have a positive birth experience.


I have discovered my passion for providing parents with practical and non-fluffy information about how to cope with pregnancy, labour & birth, and parenthood.


This book seamlessly mixes key information, with funny anecdotes and real-life stories in my quest to rid people of judgement and just concentrate on planning an awesome birth (yes it IS possible!).


Help your birth experience by educating yourself


helping birth eleanor hayes


Helping Birth: your guide to pain relief choices and interventions in labour and childbirth with real stories’ is an indispensable guide for parents looking for reliable information about birth pain relief options and common interventions in labour.


This book will enable parents to make empowered and informed decisions in late pregnancy, and before, during and after childbirth.


It has been carefully researched to include the most up-to-date birth pain relief options, like gas & air, and epidural, and details common interventions carried out, such as induction of labour, assisted delivery (forceps or ventouse) and caesarean birth.


There are also 35 real birth stories from mums to help you get a real idea of what it is like to have a medical birth.


The book is 240 pages jam-packed full of pictures, diagrams and tables, covering every aspect of the hospital birth experience, and is fully referenced – dammit there are nearly 300 references to articles, studies and authoritative sources!


Here is a little summary of everything that is covered.





Table of Contents

Is this book for me?
Part 1 – Introduction & Context
Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Communication, Consent, and Decision-Making
Chapter 3 – Understanding Risks
Chapter 4 – The Physiology of Labour
Chapter 5 – Planning Your Birth
Part 2 – Medical Pain Relief
Chapter 6 – Tens Machine
Chapter 7 – Nitrous Oxide (Gas & Air)
Chapter 8 – Intradermal Water Blocks (Sterile Water Injections)
Chapter 9 – Opioid-based Pain Relief
Chapter 10 – Epidural or Spinal Block
Part 3 – Assessing the Mother and Baby
Chapter 11 – Monitoring: Intermittent and Continuous
Chapter 12 – Vaginal Examinations
Part 4 – Induction of Labour
Chapter 13 – Induction of Labour (Overview)
Chapter 14 – Membrane Sweep
Chapter 15 – Prostaglandin Gel or Pessary
Chapter 16 – Artificial Rupture of Membranes (Amniotomy)
Chapter 17 – Oxytocin Drip (Induction & Augmentation)
Chapter 18 – Active Management of the Third Stage
Part 5 – Assisting the Baby to be Born
Chapter 19 – Episiotomy
Chapter 20 – Assisted or Instrumental Delivery
Chapter 21 – Caesarean Section
Part 6 – Post-Birth Interventions
Chapter 22 – Immediate Cord Clamping
Chapter 23 – Vitamin K
Part 7 – Postnatal Healing
Part 8 – Preparation and Education
Useful Websites for Further Research
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My book 'Helping Birth' is available as a kindle or paperback.

An indispensable guide for parents looking for reliable information about birth pain relief options and common interventions in labour.


So by making sure every woman (and man, for that matter) is fully informed about everything related to birth from a medical point of view, it means that the fear and anxiety associated with not knowing or understanding what is happening is completely eliminated.

It will not guarantee you a natural birth, of course – nothing can.

But knowledge = power
knowledge = no fear
no fear = lower anxiety
lower anxiety = higher birth hormones
higher birth hormones = fewer complications
fewer complications = reduction in the possibility of interventions
fewer interventions = more natural birth!

I am a firm believer of EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION when it comes to birth. The more you know about ALL options – be they medical pain relief, or natural remedies – the more your birth becomes something you are prepared for, ready to undertake, and be something to look forward to.

Do let me know how you enjoy the book by leaving a review on Amazon or commenting below.

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