Get Ready for Birth Online Antenatal Course

Everything you need to know to feel 100% confident and completely ready for birth. 

The ultimate self-guided antenatal course giving you the KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS to help you get into the best MINDSET for labour & birth, no matter what happens.

Are you eager to start feeling 100% confident and completely ready for birth?

This course will give you you the KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS to help you get into the best MINDSET for labour & birth, no matter what happens.


Start feeling calm and relaxed about birth because you understand how your body works and all the ways you can help it.

Master a wide range of techniques and methods to help you cope with labour like an absolute goddess.

Boost your mindset to feel really positive about birth (and also in control, excited, calm, at ease, prepared, knowledgable and empowered.

This course is Birthzang’s flagship online antenatal course. To get a taster of what Birthzang is all about, you might want to check out our free starter course, START GETTING READY FOR BIRTH.

woman on birth ball get ready for birth

Is doing an antenatal class that important?

Yes – yes it is!

Birth is an incredible and natural process. But we don’t witness it in the modern world and sadly media and TV grossly misrepresent what actually should happen. 

When you understand how your body works in labour, and all the ways you can enhance the process,  it can totally change the way you think about birth and restore your faith in your body’s ability to rock it.

And when you have a wide set of tools to help you cope with contractions, coupled with a birth partner who knows exactly how to support you, you result in feeling 100% confident and completely ready for birth.

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This self-guided, pre-recorded course means you do the course in your own time at your own pace and repeat it as many times as you like

And have you found so far that:

you can't commit to a regular class on a specific day and time?

you feel a bit overwhelmed by it all and don't know where to start?

you don't really know what you are supposed to actually DO when you are in labour?

you don't feel confident in your body and yourself?

and you are actually a bit bloddy terrified of the whole thing?

and you have found that this fear and overwhelm is stopping you doing anything?

Even if you have done research already, you will learn everything you need to know about labour and birth

You already know that every pregnancy, baby, labour and birth are unique. 

You may have already done some research or other antenatal courses but they haven’t quite given you what you needed.

You have learned all about pregnancy and life with a baby but you still don’t feel prepared for labour and birth.

You may already have had a baby, and learned a few skills, but you still don’t feel confident or remotely ready for birth.

It could just feel that there is no common thread or clear pathway to everything there is to know!


You are feeling unable to start getting ready because you feel OVERWHELMED at where to start.

You need something that:

you can easily understand but has loads of useful facts and information

you can easily afford in these times of economic uncertainty

you can digest in small chunks and follow at your own pace

is also practical and and offers essential skills for labour

will squash your feelings of overwhelm and help you feel 100% confident and completely ready for birth..

Easy-to-follow videos, slides and audio files

Clear content in a variety of formats to give you the best evidence-based explanation.

  • videos
  • audio (downloadable MP3)
  • presentations
  • documents (downloadable pdfs)
  • course manual

This course will give you everything you need to feel 100% confident and completely ready for birth

It digs deep into the ABCDEs of LABOUR so that you (and your partner) get step-by-step guidance through all the knowledge and skills you need to have an awesome labour and birth.

You will begin by discovering the ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY of the body so you understand what is going to happen during labour and birth.

You'll learn how we can BENEFIT THE BODY in labour in 32 different ways (and also the things we should avoid that can hinder it)!

You will learn a variety of way to COPE WITH CONTRACTIONS and also the principles behind why they work so you can start designing a method that works uniquely for you (because one method doesn't suit everybody).

You will get to grips with how to be a brilliant and wonderfully supportive BIRTH PARTNER with practical and specific action points, and understand how your words and actions have an impact on the birth..

You'll find that you ENHANCE YOUR EMOTIONS by what you are learning and you'll build on this by practising ways to shift negative thought patterns and start thinking positively about birth.

Full course curriculum

The modules are a combination of bespoke videos, presentation, audio, live replays, pdf and inspirational videos.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction

  • Introduction – Welcome to the course (and what we will be covering)
  • So let me ask you…
  • Course Manual & Workbook
  • Helping Birth: your guide to pain relief choices and interventions in labour and childbirth
  • Before we start, come and join the group!

Module 2 – Anatomy & Physiology

Module 3: Benefit the Body

Module 4: Cope with Contractions

Module 5 – Don’t Forget the Birth Partner

Module 6: Enhance Your Emotions

Module 7: next steps and further resources



What are you waiting for?

Get started right away and knnow that you will start feeling more confident from the very first module!

Hi! It’s awesome to meet you.

Eleanor Hayes, antenatal educator

My journey into the birth world started with the births of my own babies. My first birth was awful, my second was awesome!

The difference between them was in the preparation that I did to ensure I know all about the way my body was going to work in labour, all the ways I could help it, and learning a variety of methods to cope with it. 

I centre all my courses around the 5 pillars of antenatal learning: the LABOUR ABCDEs.

This ensures you have a foundation in the way the body works, and then every layer you build on top of that helps to cement valuable KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS that leave you with GENUINE POSITIVITY.

eleanor hayes antenatal teacher

Want to know more about me?
Read my story…

This online antenatal course is perfect for you if…

you are interested in the body and want to understand the biology and mechanics behind labour and birth

you are hungry to know as much as possible in all aspects of labour and birth so you can feel as prepared as you possibly can be

you are feeling anxious about birth and how you might cope with it, and you want to be reassured that is can be an empowering and wunderful experience!

you know you want to be a supportive birth partner but you just don';t really understand exactly what that means and what you need to actually do on the day in the room

you want a flexible online course that means you can lean in your own home, your own time and at a pace that suits you, but still enjoy the support and advice of a the teacher and parenting community

you live far away from in-person antenatal classes, or perhaps you don't have English speaking antenatal classes near you

But don’t just take my word for it!

Here are some of the things that parents have said about this course…

Very informative and thorough without overwhelming you with info

Excellent classes. Very informative and thorough without overwhelming you with info, and really great follow up materials and supplementary course content such as breathing exercises. Really helped to re-enforce info we had read in other places, but also introduced us to new things. The most important part is she takes the approach of giving various points of view and techniques and arming you with info and also how to ask questions to get more info and then saying that the key thing is to do what's right for you. Some really eye-opening and informative video examples too. A bargain at the price.


We learned SO much for such a low price

My husband and I took this antenatal classes because we both felt unprepared and poorly informed about labour. With Covid-19 seeming to affect everything, it was amazing to be able to ‘attend’ classes.

The price is an absolute steal! We learned SO much for such a low price. For us, we wanted to understand labour and its different stages.

I feared labour and wanted to learn more. In the early hours of Tuesday, I went into labour naturally. My husband and I used all the strategies we had learned and I managed to stay at home for a long time. I, along with the midwives, were absolutely amazed to learn that I had stayed at home so long ... I was 6cm’s dilated!

Apparently, I went against the textbook when I came to first-time mums! With our gas and air, I channelled myself and focused on everything that I had learned in the classes. Granted it was hard. Yes, it was painful but WOW I was so in control! I half expected to be a screaming banshee but I was focused and conserved my energy for labouring.

My husband and I will be forever grateful for the lessons which we learned and I have already recommended the course to others.


Super informative, rich in contents and full of Q&A

My partner and I enjoyed Eleanor’s June antenatal classes very much. They were super informative, rich in contents and full of Q&A. Eleanor knows A LOT about birth and sharing her experiences made us feel more confident about labour. Can’t wait to experience and practice all we’ve learned with our baby girl next month! 💕


Our life-changing experience!

We have just completed the online antenatal course and not only have we learnt so much but we have a completely new outlook on the next chapter of our lives.

Although I admit I am still nervous the course has been so helpful, empowering and knowledgeable that it has boosted my confidence. In such a way that I know I can do this and I am looking forward to meeting our little man.

I can not thank you enough Eleanor for your knowledge, your positive mindset and guidance.

I honestly didn’t know where to start at the beginning but it all feels so natural and I couldn’t ask for more.

I know money may be tight for people at the moment but this was definitely the best money spent so far!

To sum up, our take away from this experience: Honest, humble, friendly but straight-forward knowledge which is easy to digest. Helping us along the most important next chapter in our lives!


The course has really prepared us for what's ahead

We absolutely loved the Birthzang antenatal classes! As first time parents, the course really gave us insight into what to expect from Labour and birth.

My husband was also really able to get involved, which he enjoyed as birth partners tend to be forgotten about, as the mother is the main focus.

Although we both were quite nervous about the prospect of labour, we've come away after the course feeling more calm and confident about the whole process. The course has really prepared us for what's ahead. Thank you Eleanor!


A brilliant online course

Great to delve into the science of birth with someone who really knows her stuff! My husband and I learnt so much that will support us to make informed and empowered decisions during pregnancy and labour and for that I feel so grateful. To know I can now be excited and not afraid of the birth experience is amazing! Thank you!


We feel we have now gained the confidence to go into our birth knowing that we can be excited and prepared rather than nervous!!

My husband and I took Eleanor's online antenatal cours and it was fab! We enjoyed every single part and learned everything we needed about labour, birth and how my husband could feel more involved.

We loved the session on how labour progresses and how the baby moves into position ready for birth, this was something that we didn't realise happened so naturally.

Eleanor is so knowledgeable and explained everything in an easy to understand way with diagrams and visuals too. We feel we have now gained the confidence to go into our birth knowing that we can be excited and prepared rather than nervous!!

Thank you Eleanor for sharing your expertise and preparing us for the birth of our son. We highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to gain more knowledge and gain a better understanding of all the elements that go into a positive birth experience.


This course has been fantastic!

Very engaging and informative, answering questions we didn't even know we had.

My husband especially found these 4 sessions really helpful in making him feel more involved in the pregnancy and giving him the confidence to be a great birth partner.

As a first time parent, I feel much more prepared for the journey ahead. Eleanor is fab and so reassuring, she has helped me find the confidence to move forward with very few reservations.

If you're looking to take part in a birthing course then you can't go wrong with this one!


Still not sure?

Here are some answers to questions you may have

How is the course delivered?

You receive access to the antenatal course via this website where you can view the videos, slides, files and listen to the audio as many times as you like. Some modules are passive lessons, some are more interactive and encourage you to do exercises and try things out at home.

How long does it take?

The entire antenatal class takes around ten hours to complete, with more time to practice the techniques.

Each module is organised into logical and manageable chunks so you can absorb the information at a rate that suits you.

We also outline how long each module is going to take so you can be sure you have enough to complete that section.

Is it a live online class?

No this isn’t a live course but a series of pre-recorded videos and modules that are accessible immediately. I call it a “self-guided” course as you get to do it at your own pace.

Can I view it on my mobile or tablet?

Yes, you can view the entire course on a desktop, ipad/tablet or smartphone.

You may find that some slides are better viewed on a larger screen so you can see all the details.

I have not done any other antenatal classes - will this mater?

Absolutely not. Every single step in the programme is explained clearly in advance and then you will be guided through the whole programme.

I have done another class - will this mater?

Absolutely not. Most antenatal classes focus on a variety of things including birth, but also life with a baby. 

This course is 100% focused on getting through labour and birth one contraction at a time. From the first inklings of labour, to a few hours after the baby is born and everything in between.

It is practical, informative. anddesigned to give you confidence in an area that other classes may overlook.

How is it different from other antenatal classes?

This course has quite different content to Hypnobirthing and other antenatal classes as I am an independent teacher and developed this unique programme based on my own training and experience.

These classes are based around the principles of Active Birth (as outlined by Janet Balaskas), with lots of additional content to enhance the learning way beyond any one singular method.

I trained with Janet Balaskas as well as attending other relevant trainings.

What if I find something difficult or I don't like it?

You don’t even need to remember everything the main idea is that you understand it and then that enhances your understanding of everything else.

The skills and techniques are all a starting point – a recipe of ingredient for you to build your own unique recipe of coping with labour and birth. If you have any questions I am on hand to give you answers.

Why are some lessons live replays?

This course is based on a 4-week course that used to run in-person (and during lockdown it was on zoom).

The entire course is complete with bespoke filmed videos and presentations. However, some of the later modules are live replays rather than bespoke videos. I am working through each video but a period of illness in 2021-22 has meant this has been slightly delayed.

I am doing more filming in 2023 and updating each lesson when it is ready.

The content of the video is the same, but the film quality is sometimes reduced and you get all my ums and ah’s due to the live nature of the filming.

What if I have a question about the course or one of the lessons?

You get access to a private Facebook group where you can post questions about any part of the course and also look for previous questions and answers.

The other folk in the group are also on hand to offer advice and support.

You can also email me directly if you prefer to discuss your personal situation. I aim to reply within 24 hours.

What if I have already had a baby or done another class?

My course is unique in the range of topics covered from birth biology right through to how to cope and mindset.

Many parents come to me for their second or third children looking for a refreshed and find that they have learned way more than they imagined they needed or wanted to!

Take steps right now to feel 100% confident about labour and completely ready for birth