I decided to do the Rewind Technique with Eleanor after a recent incident had left me reeling.

In the days following the event I felt I was in shock, unable to function in the normal way and experiencing symptoms of fight or flight almost constantly.

My mind kept taking me back to the memory of it happening, I was losing sleep and suffering from anxiety.

Whilst things were beginning to calm down over time, I knew it would benefit me to work the incident through with Eleanor, using the Rewind. 

Eleanor very calmly worked through the technique with me, giving me time and space to really process what had happened in a very peaceful way.

During the process, I was able to let go of the anxiety and move into a very relaxed and calm space in which to witness the incident happening as if it was someone else experiencing it on the TV screen.

With the recording from the session, I was subsequently able to run through the experience again, and after this I felt I was basically back to normal.

My anxiety levels dropped considerably and I was able to continue with life as normal, without memories of the incident popping into my mind.

I can think back on that experience now with a rational mind and I don’t get any sense of fear or anxiety when I remember it.

I would recommend the Rewind Technique to anyone experiencing any form of anxiety from a traumatic event. It really does make a difference.

Lucy, October 2021

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