Before the workshop I was feeling very anxious & quite fearful.

The active birth workshop was a real eye opener for me although this is my 3rd pregnancy.

Now I’m quite confident know and have got everything suggested by the course and Janet Balaskas book lined up for the actual day

The whole workshop was very good especially the morning session which explained in detail what actually goes on inside you during labour; it’s pretty amazing!

I have really benefited from the workshop, as it’s given me an understanding what actually happens inside when your in labour and how you can help progress the labour by being active. The sections on upright positions, breathing techniques and visualization really stayed with me.

I totally believe the different positions demonstrated on the day and other valuable information/tips given will definitely help me have an easier birth this time round.

Thanks Eleanor for all the advice & support

Saima & Asif, January 2015

Here is a text message I received from Saima a few weeks later…

Saima's active birth Saima's active birth 2