I had a very personal and traumatic experience. Although I do not wish to disclose the details, the aftermath affected me greatly.

I was anxious when out in public places. While my anxiety affected me, I wasn’t ready to deal with the issue
that had caused the anxiety. I started noticing others, particularly children, picking up on how I was feeling and becoming anxious themselves.

I did not want my trauma to affect them.

Eleanor worked with me. She was my 3rd attempt at Rewind with somebody. I am picky by nature. Honestly, I could not sing her praises enough. 

I had my doubts that Rewind would work.

Eleanor did everything within her power to ensure that I felt safe and comfortable within our sessions. I ‘awoke’ from our relaxation dazed and relaxed and speechless. I couldn’t quite get my head around it. Even now I couldn’t tell you what I experienced that day. What I can tell you is that I was amazed!

In the days after, a song played on the radio, one that I couldn’t listen to because it was played, around the time of the traumatic experience. I was able to listen to that song without feeling shaken.

A couple of weeks late I had to go near to the place of the traumatic experience happened. I didn’t feel the same fear and emotion of being there, I usually felt. I felt grief for a woman who died around the time of the experience for the first time. Because I couldn’t deal with everything at the time.

I am not saying that Rewind is a magic fix because I still have issues to work through regarding the experience. Rewind has given me the tools to work through it without fear and anxiety. I can see the incident itself clearer too.

Eleanor knows what she is doing and how to bring peace and trust for Rewind to be used as a tool and to be vulnerable enough to face whatever inner demons a person is battling.

Amy, October 2021

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