The Workshop

Before we came to the workshop, we felt a little apprehensive about birth and not very clued up on what to expect.

The workshop itself very informative. It was a very relaxed, friendly environment to learn and felt I could ask anything.

I learned more far more than expected.

The things that really resonated with me were to keep active during labour and also the breathing techniques we covered.

We are now feeling positive about labour and birth and are looking forward to it!

Sophie’s Birth Story

I went for a sweep at 40+3 only to be told I was 5cm dilated and needed to go to hospital having painless tightenings. I was pretty chuffed I had got this far with no pain 😄.

After being hooked up for some monitoring and an examination to confirm that my midwife was correct, I then went up to Rushey where my waters were broken.

About 40 mins later I started getting very strong contractions very close together. I spent some time on the ball and using breathing techniques learnt in yoga and in the birth workshop.

Ollie also helped by massaging my back and being very encouraging. Soon after I got into the water I started to push – the water really helped with the pain. I had some gas and air at this point.

Unfortunately after 2 hours of pushing my contractions started to get less frequent and the labour slowed down and I was advised that my baby was likely to be at an angle which meant I wasn’t going to be able to push her out myself.

I was taken to the delivery suite where after 3 pushes and an episiotomy my beautiful daughter was born.

I had a great experience until the last half an hour when I had to get out the water and receive assistance.

I felt that with good breathing techniques and adopting positions learnt in yoga and the workshop I dealt with the pain really well with minimal pain relief.

Eleanor’s workshop and also pregnancy yoga classes really helped me prepare for labour physically and mentally. The workshop was not only educational equipping me & my husband with the knowledge on the stages of labour, we also learnt great techniques for dealing with pain including breathing, massage and positions to adopt.

The workshop is given in a relaxed environment with a small friendly group of other likeminded couples.

I definitely feel that it all enhanced my labour and prepared us well. We would highly recommend attending.