Anita & AlyssaGiving birth to our gorgeous baby Alyssa was nothing like I imagined.

I wanted to have a water birth, only gas and air for pain relief, active birthing, walking around, birth ball, and all that.

But my labour lasted 42 hours and I only dilated in the last 3 hours from 1cm to 9.5cm.  I had diamorphine (3 doses!) and an epidural.

Despite all this giving birth was the most amazing experience of my life and I would do it again in a heartbeat to have our beautiful baby.

You would think that Eleanor’s Active Birthing workshop that my husband and I attended, wouldn’t really make a difference if you can’t have the active birth you hoped for.  But one of the main reasons why giving birth was such an amazing experience for me, is because my husband was AMAZING and really well-prepared.

Thanks to the Active Birthing workshop he knew exactly what I was going through and how to help me best.

NCT classes or other antenatal classes don’t prepare you like the Active Birthing workshop does, if at all.

My husband was really well-prepared, wonderful and up until I had the epidural, we used a wide range of the fantastic tools we learnt about at the Active Birthing workshop, to help cope with labour pain.

I highly recommend this workshop to all women who want to feel empowered when giving birth, and all the men who want to actively support their partner during the most enduring, most amazing experience of their life.

Anita, June 2014